ZEEMR®M1 PRO Home Smart Projector

$149.00 USD $119.00 USD

Color: White

  • Projection Brightness: Bright at 180ANSI with LED Light Source and Support Native 720P & 4K Decode
  • Ultimate Projection Audio: Audio Cavity and 3W*2pcs Speaker
  • Hardware Features: 1+8GB丨WIFI Connection
  • Software AI Features: ZEEMR OS丨Support Manual four-point trapezoid correction, vertical direction angle±30°, horizontal direction ±30°and HDR10
  • Appearance Design: M1 PRO is minimal artistic style
  • Connect to Anything: Multiple ports, Bluetooth, AirPlay ,Screen mirroring, all TV sticks supported


Reviews for "ZEEMR®M1 PRO Home Smart Projector"

Customer Reviews

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Devon Gusikowski

I liked the projector. The image is good, the colors are pleasant, the contrast in the fully darkened room is sufficient for comfortable viewing. The graphical interface despite 1 GB of memory almost does not hang. Of the shortcomings-the built-in player is not universal, almost no MKV remuses have not started. In addition, the refresh rate is fixed at 50Hz, so it is noticeable to tighten if the frame rate of the video file is not 25(50). If you use an external console, then the norms are set the frequency at the output of the console. If you prefer the most smooth image, then I advise you to connect to the projector more or less modern Mini or microcomputer with support for hardware GPU decoding and playing files. In this case, the image will be as in the TV with the function of increasing the smooth motion. As a screen I plan to use a large sheet of laminated white orgalite.

Carter Koch

Projector fire. Everything perfectly loads and connects. Communication with the phone, Bluetooth speaker. The quality of the image in the dark is perfect, with a dim light also not bad.

Nyah Christiansen

Very cool! Little noise, but when watching movie-do not notice. The picture is clear, with a distance of 2.7 m diagonal screen meter 2, and the quality is still gun sound good, afternoon curtains зашторили, the picture is good. Come in a month. Guy happy. Russian language is downloaded Yandex, watch movies.

Jasper Hauck

The seller quickly sent. Quality norms. Like it. The seller always answered.