What are the Different Effects of Closed and Open Optical Machines on Projectors?

the different effects of a fully sealed and an open optical machine of projectors

In the early days, to save cost and dissipate heat, projectors generally adopted open optical-mechanical design. But today, the open optical design can no longer meet the needs of projection.

The closed optical design is the main development direction of liquid crystal projection optics and also the future development trend. The difference between an open optical machine and a closed optical machine is mainly in three aspects: dustproof, heat dissipation, and light leakage.

The internal cooling air path of the open optical machine is connected to the outside world and is cooled by the external air circulation. However, due to the existence of a certain amount of suspended particles (dust) in the air, the dust will also enter the internal optical path attached to the HTPS and the lens mirror while dissipating heat. Therefore, it will affect the light transmittance and HTPS heat dissipation effect, causing the problem of "black spots" on the projection screen. This will eventually lead to a poor projection effect and shortened service life of it.


the open design of the LCD projection is prone to light leakage

In addition, the open design of the LCD projection is prone to light leakage. When observing in a dark environment, light leakage through the gaps in the fuselage makes the product look cheap.

The inside of the fully enclosed optical machine is isolated from the outside world, and the optical path is a closed independent structure, which is assembled in a dust-free workshop to eliminate the impact of dust on the liquid crystal panel and HTPS substrate glass. Its excellent dustproof ability will well prevent the screen from turning yellow and displaying "black spots" after long-term use of the projector. It also solves the problem of product light leakage.

After purchasing your ZEEMR projector, there is no need for regular maintenance such as dust removal. It can be clearly seen from the difference between the two that the fully enclosed optical-mechanical design has absolute advantages. Similarly, the fully enclosed optical design of the projector is far superior to similar products.

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