What is the relationship between Display Chips and Resolution in projectors?

What is the relationship between Display Chips and Resolution in projectors




How many tips do you know about projectors? Today, we'd like to talk to you about the resolution of the projector. When we use various electronic devices, we will see a parameter called the resolution. For example, the resolution commonly used in computers is 1080P, and we generally know that resolution and clarity are related. So what is the connection between it and the display chip?

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Resolution of the Projector


First of all we need to know what the resolution of the projector means. Resolution refers to the clarity of the projected image. The higher the resolution, the clearer the image. The resolution of a home projector is usually at least 720P to meet normal projection needs, so as not to affect the viewing experience. Most home projectors on the market now have a resolution of 1080P. There are also some expensive projectors that have a resolution of 4K or UHD.

However, according to the knowledge of the majors, the price of 4K resolution projectors on the market is still very expensive. There is no need for ordinary families to choose it. Affordable projectors can basically achieve 1080P resolution, such as zeemr projector. It can definitely meet the basic needs of families.


Standard Resolutions and Compatible Resolutions


Resolutions can be divided into standard resolutions and compatible resolutions. The standard resolution refers to the maximum definition that can be presented on the screen, and the compatible resolution refers to the resolution that the projector can play pictures or videos. It has nothing to do with the resolution of the projection screen, but only with the definition of the picture or video itself. For example, if a projector is compatible with 4k resolution and its standard resolution is 1080p, it can play 4k video, but the resolution of the released video screen is still 1080p. A simple understanding is that the projected image can be very high-definition, but limited by the standard resolution of the projector itself, the projected picture can only be based on the standard resolution of the projector.


Relationship between Display Chips and Resolution


So what does the display chip have to do with resolution? The larger the size of the display chip, the higher the resolution of the image. According to the above theory, we know that the 0.66 DMD display chip projects the highest image resolution, corresponding to 4K resolution (4096 x 2160), which is the cinema level of clarity. 0.23 DMD, 0.33 DMD, 0.47 DMD and 0.66 DMD. The 0.47DMD display chip has a native resolution of 1080p, but some projectors on the market can use XPR pixel shift technology, an innovation from Texas Instruments (TI), to bring the 0.47DMD This practice greatly reduces the cost of 4K resolution projectors and is also known as pseudo-4K or fake 4K.

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